1. A fight with one's partner that is so simple and stupid that it could only occur after sex.
2. A fight with one's partner that is very simple and easy to resolve so that the couple can engage in make-up sex.
I started a cuddle fight last night, the make up sex was great.
by killak305 July 30, 2008
Top Definition
In order to satisfy the intense desire to cuddle someone, no matter what the situation, one may choose to instigate a Cuddle Fight. Similar to an arm wrestle, in that it can be spontaneous and needs no preparation. In a Cuddle Fight, everyone is a winner.

Antonym of Cuddle Rape.
"Doop doop doop here I am on the High Stree-oh my gosh I just HAVE to cuddle someone RIGHT NOW..."

"Deep deep deep here I am minding my own business"


"I accept your challenge!"

"Hooray, we both win!"
by dewdars February 09, 2010
A fight in which two people engage in aggressive cuddling. Weapons used in these fights are alcohol, pajamas, and cheesy pick up lines.
"I wish to fight you."

"Well I don't want to engage in a bat fight, so we better make it a CUDDLE FIGHT."
by Btone24 September 27, 2009
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