1.) the guy busts inside the girls nose as she holds one finger to the adjacent nostril and breaths(snorts) in.

2.) The guy busts in a straight line on a low table while the girl follows as if she was doing a coke line.

3.) The guy busts a pile of jiz and lets it sit over night. after the cum has dried the girl chops it all up and pushs it in the form of a line, then procedes to snort it

*** one may combine real coke into their mixtures in this sexual experiance
Girl 1: ohhh chrissy! put on your cum filled strap-on on, and cuban snort the shit out of me!!!
Girl 2: umm.. what the hell is that??
Girl 1Come here and ill show you!
by Lindseythenympholover November 05, 2009
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