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The result of a Cuban father and a Puerto Rican mother. Thus, the child is Cuban and Puerto Rican, or Cuba Rican.
Contrary to popular belief, Cuba Ricans are NOT the same as Puerto Cubans.
by Felipe A. April 28, 2005

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someone who says they're Cuban but they are nothing more than a dirty New York Puerto Rican, too embarrasssed to say what their real ethnicity is.
Jorge tells everyone he is Cuban...however....he is nothing more than a trashy New York, (Staten Island, even worse) Puerto Rican who lies about his money, where he puts his dick, and his ethnicity. His mother is so proud. Is CubaRican a real word?
by Herebutnothere May 17, 2010
one of half Puerto Rican and half Cuban blood- very similar to Mexicans- actually almost identical
a little more upperclass and a little more rich but still does the yardwork--but charges more! go with the Mexicans
That damn Cubarican stole my blunt.
by Kecky10 September 17, 2008