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A big heaping pile of nothing but tears due to excessive marathon-like crying.
I just finished watching Titanic, it was a total cry fest.
by kkaleidoscopicc June 12, 2011
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"Crying festival"

An event or gathering with people where you are forced to cry in the moment using heartbreaking examples or touching low-tune music. The heartbreaking examples could be about family relationship, famine in other countries, disease, etc. and throws in a sad music, just to make you cry and release all those emotions through crying with a bunch of other people.
P1: "I want everyone to think about how their parents mean to them over the years..." -play 'In The Arms of An Angel music in the background-

P2: "I did not sign up for this cryfest." -everyone else in the room is sobbing away-
by Ninety9 December 07, 2011
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