-Hours after a "jizz in your pants" moment, left over fluids mixed with the toilet paper used to clean up the mess bond on the testicular flesh creating a crusty surface.
Dude, I saw this hott girl earlier.. Now I have a bad case of the Crusty Jugglers.
by mirafone188 July 20, 2011
Top Definition
Crusty Jugglers are members of the traveling community in Ireland and the UK, often known as gypsies, pikeys, tinkers and itinerants.
"Some Crusty Jugglers came to my house trying to sell me pillows today."
by The Crusty Juggler April 17, 2010
One who juggles crusty things; one who is crusty and juggles; one who juggles in a crusty manner
Hey mike stop juggling sweet and sour chicken you crusty juggler.
Clean yourself up you crusty juggler!
by vravae June 10, 2008
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