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The act of two old people doing it doggy style.
Grandma and grandpa just partook in a crusty eisenhower.
by DrVonChocolatePudding February 08, 2012
When you take a peice of bread, you smother that bitch in strawberry jam (preferably Shmukers), u gently rubadubdub tht shit all ova your obese neighbor while they are watchin "Earnest goes to school". the following morning at percisly 8:47 am you will take your pre-rinced kitten to the gynocolgists, on the way home you stop by ol crusty philips bar and grill on interstate 7, to buy some wicked shmackles to bring home. when arriving home you find your obese neighbor and give em the ol rank spank before their mother comes home because she is still at night school. you then take the shmakles, tighten them around your elbows and hook the other end to a nitrogen tank. more expirenced users may use iteams like the optional ice cubes or waterbuffalo
ima pulvarize you when i get home, were gunna hit the old crusty eisenhower.
by SnacPakboy69 February 20, 2012
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