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A reaction against the hipster culture; distinguished by their affiliation with awareness groups, use of vintage bicycles, unkept/unruly hair, preference for organic/fair trade/locally grown/vegetarian/vegan food, and dress of a gypsy-like quality. The abhor anything westernized. Their political affiliation tends to swing to either socialism/communism/anarchy (with the exception of Barack Obama.) They spend their time hula hooping (or firedancing), smoking clove cigarettes/hookah, and shopping at the local ethnic market place. Must be obsessed with diversity but friendship circle must consist of all white people...
"Hey Jesse, wanna go to the equinox festival? I hear is a "crust punk gypsy" hosting a drum circle and handing out PETA flyers...."
by The Crust Punk Gypsy October 29, 2008