a person who appears crusty or raggedy, when somone is a crust bucket a group of people may "bool-crap" on them.
ahh look at that crust bucket *bool-craps*
by Hoael June 02, 2010
Top Definition
Someone that hasn't wiped there butt in a while.
That person is a crust bucket.

Whats up crust bucket.
by TonyL January 15, 2006
a crustbucket is someone who is an old crusty curmudgeon. usually such a person is ugly, and sometimes smelly
i hate old crustbuckets
by Ziggy Stardust June 06, 2004
A very shitty, rusted, and therefore crusty car.
Like compared to a rusty can.
Not an old classic car thats in bad condition, more like a small ford or a chevy made in the 90's
I call this my crust bucket, enter with caution.

Just bought a crust bucket on craigslist it was only 500 bucks!
*breaks down in a week
by Blondetorage October 13, 2015

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