Top Definition
Partying hard like there's no tomorrow.
We gotst crunked up last was off tha hook!
by Mo'$ April 13, 2005
It means to be realy, REALY Drunk!
Guy1: YO Man I was Crunked-Up Last Night!
Guy2: How Crunked-Up Were You?
Guy1: I was so crunked up that I Did a fat chick from the back n got brain from her!
Guy2: Shitt...
by Jordan Holla atcha boy January 07, 2006
fucking high usually off weed
im crunked up u fucking gaf go eat a grommit
by jon r June 20, 2003
the state of being pissed off, upset or angry.
I'm about to get crunked up.
by Ashley July 21, 2004
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