(noun) A crocodile/alligator (or a person with crocodile-esque skin, a crocodile-esque teeth, or in any way shape or form resembeling a crocodile) who gets drunk and stoned at the same time. See Crunk
Craig: oh man...I don't remember a damn thing from last night. I was too drunk.

Eric: well, we gave that ugly woman with the crooked teeth and the scales on her hands a joint and a 24 pack. In a matter of minutes we turned her into a crunk-a-dile.

Craig: That's just nasty man.
by Tom Pants February 08, 2008
Top Definition
A Canadian superhero known to do little more than restate Lil' Jon phrases and state that he is crunk. Talks with a Jamaican accent, ending most sentences with the word 'guy'.
Civilian: "Hey, it's the crunkadile!"
Crunkadile: "Yo guy! feel de rythm, feel de rhyme, get on up, it's bobsled time! cooooool runnings! Yo guy!"
by Wiffle Boy September 11, 2005
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