kru^ngk mas-ter, kru^ngk mah-ster]

1. a person with the ability or power to reach a point of inebriation beyond the point of recognition

2. one who facilitates a binge drinking session

3. Lil' Jon
Dude, did you see Peter Frampton at TGI Fridays last night? He was being such a crunkmaster, that he tried sticking his dick in the mashed potatoes.
by crunkmaster whodi general February 13, 2009
Top Definition
The person at a party that is first to get intoxicated; be it alcohol, marijuana, or hard core drugs. This person aims toward one goal: to get and stay plastered.

A crunk master can easily be identified in the wild as the first to take their shirt off and the last to recover from a hangover.
I just woke up in a dumpster with no clothes with no recollection of last night; I must've been quite the crunk master

I hate the crunk master. She just tore off all of her clothes after a bottle of champagne at my wedding and fucked the best man before the ceremony,

The crunk master just did crystal meth after 20 shots! Lets go watch her puke and get arrested!

I got a call from the crunk master and she says she is Mexico with a balloon full of cocaine in her ass.
by Idroppedapbiology2011 April 19, 2011
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