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"Crunk Times" is a phrase associated with the NAMBLA organization. It is used as a euphemism for sexual relations between an adult male and an underage male.

It is thought that the phrase originated as a way for the NAMBLA group to attract young undereducated males, who may be familiar with the term "crunk" as it relates to having a good time, without revealing the true nature of the predatory NAMBLA group.

Several "Crunk Times" web sites are run by NAMBLA members for recruiting purposes.
Some common expresions...

"We had crunk times!" as a way for a NAMBLA member to indicate a recent sexual encounter.

"Come get crunk!" as an invitation from a NAMBLA member to a potential conquest.

"There'll be crunk times at the party." as a way for a NAMBLA member to alert other members of a social gathering where underage males are expected to also attend whom may be easily influenced.
by Peter Weiner October 01, 2010
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