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A contraction of 'crunk' and 'hungry,' 'crungry' is a term used to describe the mixed sensations of hunger and drunkenness at the end of a long night, usually satiated by Taco Bell and other simlilar late night establishments.
"I am so crungry; who's sober enough to drive to Taco Bell across town?"
by Christopher Geatz August 03, 2005
(adj.) 1. Dangerous combination of cranky & hungry, made worse by an extreme desire to do nothing but relax after a long day away from home; Although hungry, cooking is the last thing one can imagine doing.

2. Also. Crunchy-Hungry; That feeling one craves after a completely satisfying and hearty meal to crunch on something for dessert or late night snack.
I was so crungry on my way home I was dreading standing in the kitchen to endure the task of cooking.

What a great stress relief I enjoyed as I chopped the tomatoes and sliced the chicken for my chicken taco salad. My crungriness melted right away...

Hmm, maybe I'll get some sweet & salty popcorn to cure this crunger... lol
by Aderf Nosmook March 04, 2013
Definition: A state of extreme hunger while or after being heavily intoxicated.

Metamathematical Equation: Crunk + Hungry = Crungry
I'm so shitfaced and and hungry.Is any one else CRUNGRY?
Let's go get some food im fucken CRUNGRY
by ElginIL February 07, 2011
Just as 'Crunk' means 'crazy drunk,' 'Crungry' means 'crazy hungry.'
"Dude, order a pizza; I'm crungry!"
by Alyssa Nikole November 26, 2007
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