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A nerd who cant enjoy online games because he is always freaking out about noobs or campers
Gosh, Simply Eaves is being such a crunch bunny that i dont want to play xbox with him anymore!
by ghettodonk May 01, 2010
Someone who makes a big deal about and talks too much about online games. More specifically someone who takes the time to type the word noob, newbie, leet, camper, or any other geek word and can't JUST PLAY THE GAME because they are fueding with someone on the game because of some geeky kid reason.
10-13 year old geek idiot that thinks they are cool: Hey you noob, stop camping just because you're not 1337 like me.

Cool person who just wants to play the game: Gosh, what a crunch bunny.
by Delton Carter [AIKEN] clan May 02, 2005
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