Getting a blow job while doing crunches. That's motivation.
While doing some of his 3000 crunches a day, Rinaldo gets a crumpkin from Kim Kardashian.
by dc43 July 11, 2010
Top Definition
The logical evolution of the blumpkin: receiving head while taking a shit while smoking crack.
After spending weeks trying to find the perfect fathers day gift for my husband, my friend Alice suggested I simply buy a huge bag of crack and fellate him while he shits! He loved it! Thanks crumpkin!
by Pam Landry July 07, 2009
The act of recieving oral sex while deficating (taking a dump) and smoking crack. An evolution of the Blumpkin.
woman 1: I have no idea what to get my husband for his birthday. Any ideas?
woman 2: Why don't you give him a blumpkin?
woman 1: No, no, that will never do. I gave him one of those last year.
woman 3: Well then, how about a Crumpkin?
woman 1: Perfect! Now I just need to get some crack...
by RefinedAndDefined January 10, 2010
a delicious, cream cheese filled pumpkin bar created by North Port Fishington Cookie Factory.
Dude: Hey man you wanna go to the cafe?
Dude2: Hell Yeah! They've got those Crumpkins right? Those are my jawn!
Dude: Word. Best jawns ever!
Dude2: If I could hump a season it would definitely be fall.
by mikelanders September 29, 2010
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