Occurs on Sunday nights in Winnipeg, Manitoba. People with nice cars parade them down Portage avenue to show them off. Teenagers go in their mommy's cavaliers, or their ricey civics, to see the nice cars. They try to trick themselves into believing their car is nice just because they slap some huge spoiler on and throw and some subwoofers in their trunk. People of similar car makes or interests gather in parking lots to compare vehicles and modifications. Cops are a huge buzzkill at these events,boxing people in parking lots and looking extremely closely for minor infractions, like having green tinted reverse lights, then fining you heavily for it. Occurance of ORGANIZED and SAFE street racing are scarce, since the cops shut it down on Hamelin Ave and Brady Road. Because God knows they don't have anything better to do, like stopping real crimes. Instead they have to harrass young kids and discourage them from their hobbies, just to fill their quotas of tickets.

(And no I am not endorsing street racing, at least just not those random idiots who do it in traffic and kill people. If you are organized and on an empty street, and nobody is in danger of getting hurt, why is that so wrong?)
I love the way Cruise Nights used to be.

Oooh, look at that nice Camaro, those guys in it were hot too.

Wow, I wish I was as cool as that fag in that Civic.

I hear rice

Oink Oink
by Sheryl Mary Jean April 16, 2006
Top Definition
Cruise Night in So*Cal is an amazing event that has alot of awsome American Cars and way too many little rice burners who think they are awsome but really everyone just laugh at those little imports ! Cruise Nights on average has about 400 cars there and is always held on Saturday. The coolest Mustang Car Club, WICKED Stangs is always there and representing to the fullest, they always have the hottest cars, the hottest girl, and everyone stops to stare and becomes wicked jealous of them !
Damn I wish I was cool enough for Cruise Night !
by Valene Marie May 02, 2008

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