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See Kidz Bop.
Person 1: Instead of detention, Mr. Jones made me listen to Kidz Bop in a van full of 10 year olds for an hour! It was Cruel and Unusual Punishment.

Person 2: Is that legal!?
by Fatty Mc Fat Fat, yo. August 29, 2008
Back in the day,when parents were allowed to spank their children as means of last resort,occasionally a mother would make a wayward child go outside and select a willowy branch which would be used to "switch" the naked legs.Having to select the instrument of your punishment was considered cruel and unusual punishment.Sometime this was pre-punishment as indicated by "And just you wait until your dad gets home".
I would alway get a Forsythia branch as the device of my cruel and unusual punishment.
by wolfbait51 April 18, 2011

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