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a place in Melbourne that people on welfair like to live.
many of the men are dating there close blood relitives, also the females are refferd to as sheila's and are normaly pregnant by the age of 14.
"Croydon Main Street Scum should be avioded at all cost"
"sheila, you better not be preggars agian"
"sheila you seen my sis, we got a date at the servo tonight"
"hey mate, look your doors when we drive threw here, it's croydon Main street"
by Fuzzymaff May 29, 2006
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This refers to people that are poor and grubby, usually are illiterate and cannot put two words togther to save themselves, may be a result of few teeth. They dress in flanelet shirts, uggboots, stretch pants, have long mullets and smoke 2 packs a day.
You fear them as you walk by as stabbings are a local sight. They hang around croydon mainstreet.
"That bloke is pure Croydon Main Street Scum"
"That sheila is pure Croydon Main Street Scum"
by DVS DOGG May 22, 2006
18 14