some one with a head in place of their genitals.
Kevin: hey have you seen the big bad wolf music video?

Drew: no, why?

Kevin: The people in the video all have crotch faces!

Drew: wtf is a crotch face?

Kevin: gotta watch the video bro
by greenturns2black December 02, 2011
Top Definition
Ex. 1 - A crotch face is a person born with a strange physical retardation. In this case, Their Genitals are in place of their face, and face in place of genitals.
These are the only retards you are allowed to laugh at, but they are extremely rare, only one is born every year and they do not like to come out of their homes.

Ex. 2 - A general insult for a person being a dick. Can also be used when others are using genital size as insult.

See also Dickhead,Arse Face
Gayass: Hey Your Dick Is So small you need a microscope.

Other Guy: At Least Im Not A Crotch face like you
by ChrisMaBiss April 06, 2009
(noun) the location on one's body that can be specified as between the crotch and face.
(verb) to occupy the crotchface
guy#1: check out that drunk girl crotchfacing that guy!
guy#2: man, she must have had a lot of wild turkey.
guy#1: yeah, she is ALL UP in his crotchface!
by Rjew Sap Bucket December 07, 2009
What my best friend calls her husbands face when he doesnt shave. when a mans mouth resembles a vagina fighting its way thru all the hair.
"don't even think of getting near me with that nasty ass crotchface! go shave that shit! if i wanted to make out with a vagina,i sure as shit wouldnt be married to you!" she said to him.
by CRUEFAN February 27, 2011
one whose face was just in or looks as if it was in a crotch. more specifically, one who has just given head.
"You're such a crotchface, Lindsay!"
by twoOHhoe November 15, 2007
a saying that can be used to discribe someone you may not like...
you are a nasty "crotch face"
by talamunga March 07, 2007
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