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Slang for a someone that has crabs and a yeast infection at the same time.
Billy ~ Yo, did you hook up with Tracy last night?
Ken ~ Yeah man, but my junk sure has felt funny since then.
Billy ~ Oh man. She has Crotch Muffin. You might wanna get that checked out.
by longrodMcDong October 26, 2011
When sitting down in a bent position ,
the pants may alter themselves and crinkle to the shape that is the impression of a penis. This impression of the penis is defined as "Crotch Muffin" Crotch Muffin maybe be small or depending on the make of pants they could be quite a substantial size.
" Hahahah , Brendan has a Crotch Muffin"
" My pants are all criinkly and I have Crotch Muffin"
" That kid has Crotch Muffin"
by Bradley James Wilson December 04, 2008

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