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Ones junk, the male penis and balls
First used by Fez Whatley of Ron & Fez
For one to masturbate they would tug on the Crotch Luggage
by Mr crotch luggage November 04, 2010

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Slang term for testicles as coined by Fez from the Ron and Fez show, XM 202 Sirius 197, Monday - Friday 11a to 3p
R- "Is that a new term you just came up with?"

F- "Yes, crotch luggage."
by fletcherbv November 04, 2010
male genitals.
Hulk Hogan loves to show his crotch luggage to his children. Fez loves crotch luggage in his mouth.
by C. Styles November 04, 2010
Scrotum, testicles, sack, balls, ball-sack, junk, for guys. Camel toe for chicks.
His crotch luggage was hanging out of his shorts.

Dude, you kicked him in the crotch luggage.

Dood did you see the crotch luggage on that chick? Nasty.
by nochiefz November 04, 2010