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The act a coworker may commit in the work place , turning loose a silent but deadly fart , in the vicinity of coworkers , as the "cropduster" passes by .
DAMMIT MAN !! Craig sure cropdusted the entire shop with that one !
by Bite-Me April 27, 2008
unleashing an unbarable fart on an unsuspecting civilian
Kumar crop dusted on a kid at Blockbuster's that caused the kid to suffocate.
by Arex Troy January 06, 2008
The act of passing by someone having just farted.
AWW! That smelly old bastard just crop dusted me!
by cougrpncher January 19, 2011
The act of intentionally pissing on swimmers directly behind you while swimming.
Bro Lucas was on my ass, so I crop dusted him, got piss all over him!
by SwimmerQ April 13, 2015
The art of over taking someone in the isle of a supermarket while dropping a fart.
I hate supermarket shopping someone is about to get crop dusted
by G Focker November 05, 2009
When a fully clothed woman walks by you and her breasts quickly rub against your body because she needs to squeeze through a tight space or because she wants to give you a quick example of the firmness of her breasts. The breasts swipe you like a credit card being swiped.
"When Peggy was moving from the bar to the dance floor she cropdusted me." or "When Annya was climbing out of the fire engine, she cropdusted me." or "Tasha likes to cropdust everyone." or "Amanda likes to cropdust me in private."
by Mike Yeranno July 06, 2005

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