getting cropped out of a picture
Wow I took that picture and he totally cropped her out of it, you can see her arm and everything. She got crop blocked.
by JBeasty February 07, 2013
Top Definition
When your are in a picture with a hot girl, only to find out she or someone else has cropped you out of it; most of the time to make it a more appealing facebook default. Usually a limb or portion of your face still remains in the photo, letting everyone know you weren't important enough to be kept in it
I was totally cropblocked out of kelli's facebook default, fml
by Joey Jerz January 18, 2011
When you try to purchase an amount marijuana or crop from someone when someone else enters the room or area that is disapproving of the purchase. You have been crop blocked, like cock blocked, but while trying beef up your stash.
Man, I was trying to score some good nugs at a good price and he walked in the room and totally crop blocked me.
by Fo Realzzzz June 01, 2011
A possible side effect of dating someone who enjoys gardening, Crop-Block occurs when your significant other/crush uses their garden as a means to avoid sex, a date, or spending time together.
Jon: "Hey, wanna catch that new movie?"
Jane: "Oh, um... I gotta... Water my petunias!"
Jon:" Did I seriously get Crop-Blocked?"
by Mausie September 30, 2015

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