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flaming flatuents that scorch the earth (not like solar lighting)
OMG! The S.S. Sordo crop circled all over this area causing mass destruction, confusion and nausea.

Alert Everyone!
by Neil Mik May 21, 2009
similar to crop dusting when you fart while walking, crop circling is when you fart while walking through revolving doors
"I totally crop circled that old lady behind me walking out of the bank."
by tbonewalker December 18, 2008
puerto rican bald spot.
crop circle,bald,chrome dome,hairless, bald headed,baldy
by twidget October 27, 2005
Farting while walking in a circle around someone.
Two people sit on a couch, one farts and walks around the other person on the couch. Therefore creating a crop circle.
by getter pmd April 13, 2009
A variation of crop dusting. When you are in a crowded area or a party and you fart in the middle. This in turn will create a clearing.
Wow I can't believe someone farted in the middle of the dance floor, now no one can dance there.

I can't believe someone crop circled us.
by Kambosoup February 09, 2011
The act of 15 or more people that form a ring with there feces
while two men have gay sex in the middle.
wow those guys are really having a heck of a crop circle there.
by DARK RAISIN January 31, 2011
The ring of hair that forms around the nipple of a women after she has refused to shave for several days. The hair forms around the outer wall of the nipple and pokes up similar to that of a field of corn. The nipple resembles that of an alien space ship that has landed and then taken off.
My girlfriend Sandy walked into my room naked as a mole rat. I asked her, "Hey Sandy, will you shave your tits. You have a crop circle forming along each one which gives off a bad vibe for me and makes my dick limp."
by TurdFurggison October 19, 2010
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