Top Definition
1. a bald person with a shiny (like crome) head

2. someone who tries to hide their pattern baldness by frequently shaving their head
Crome dome thinks he's a skinhead but he's just old and bald.
by biatchbiatchbiatch July 08, 2010
Your mothers bald and greasy asshole of a boyfriend.
Look, there goes crome dome sitting on my couch. I should go knock him off and put spraypainted grass on top of his head, better yet, turtle wax.
by Daniah January 15, 2005
a helmet that jrotc wears in coler guards
those crome domes are shiny
by jessie rice54 April 05, 2009
anyone who is bald, and scalp is shiny
by king leo III September 16, 2003

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