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This move was named after legendary Croatian-American director, producer, model, kolo dancer, television personality, romantic movie-film clip actress. It is similar to the the definition for Croatian sex, however, in this instance, the female actually has the ablility to play the part of a contortionist, or Chinese acrobat. The female during vaginal rear entry can actually twist and contort to the point where she is able to perform various unmentioned pleasurable actions, (akcije in Croatian) on her male partners person at the same, usually involving oral stimulation. A truly remarkable feat. A sight to behold and captured on film only 3 times. A romantic dinner is usually accompanied after it's performance, usually paid for by the male.
C'mon Honey, If you go along with me and the kids to spend the holidays at Mother's, I'll give you a Croatian Brendi-Boo tonight.
by Captain Croatia February 13, 2010
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