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A critler is another way of saying, "I need to go crit hitler", or "The 50 cal is out of ammo...time to go crit hitler."

"Critting" refers to the act of dropping a duece or "bomb" in the toliet.

Critting got its meaning from RPG games, where you critical attack someone.

In this case you are critical attacking hitler with you're facilities...

The most common use of this word is on instant messaging, when typing out, I need to go take a crap is just not cool enough and/or takes too long to type out.
Hey *friend'sname* I need to go critler brb.


The 50 cal is out of ammo, going to try a different tactic.

I need to go crit hitler.
by silverfire675 March 29, 2010
The act of scoring a critical hit upon Hitler using a bomb.

In times of extreme bowel urgency one might find a pressing need to "critler" and relieve the pressure that comes before critting Hitler. One word can express this urgency accurately.
Q: "Dude where are you going?" A: "Critler."

*Flush* "Ahhh... Critler accomplished."
by Renegade65 March 30, 2010
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