I psychological condition where a person's empathy overrides their critical judgment. The most severe strains of this disease are seen in radical vegans, & environmentalists.
"Gaia weeps when you cut down a tree and it's murder when you eat anything that has a mother."
"Wow, that's the worst case of Crippling Empathy I've seen in a while."
by Wood Dragon 2 September 08, 2008
Top Definition
A Condition where a person's unrestrained empathy overrides their critical thinking. Creating a condition where every thing's feelings and conditions must be taken into account before any action can be made. Vegans & extreme environmentalist's suffer from the worst strain of this disease.
"How can you eat that Lobster?"
"Real easy with butter and lemon."
"People like you make every day Auschwitz for the animals."
"If your crippling empathy makes it hard for you to eat a lobster that's fine. But don't project it on me."
by Emperor Zoltan August 08, 2008

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