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A Cripple Krab is a dumb ass lady with a sexual disorder of "Damn your to fat to walk" , They can also be harvested for the oils that they secrete when queefing out of there second ass hole witch is located on the top of there head. Dont forget when skining these animals, be careful for the midget living in the animals kangaroo sack. They are very dangerous to the enviorment due to the tank of shit juice starpped to there back, if ruptered please for the love of Chuck Norris, do not consume the juice, it can cause atomic diarreaha and nuculer aids and ultra hrpyes. Happy Krabs!
Bystander 1: Oh my god its a Cripple Krabs! run!

Bystander 2: Run!
by Cyris97 December 30, 2011
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