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A term used for flirting over public text that induces vomit to others. Cringey Flirty Banter is used by both sexes when they think they are being sweet or romantic, yet to an outsider it's purely sickening. Various types of CFB can be defined to a particular offenders initials.
'Kristy RC has had the best weekend ever thanks to her extra special friends, you know who you are, love ya' - defined as Classic Kristy RC Cringey Flirty Banter (KRCCFB)

'can't wait to snuggle up to you my airy, fairy beary, you silly sausage, paw paw, wuv woo snuggle monster' - HB Cringey Flirty Banter (HBCFB)

'I think I've got to dump this guy, he's just used some shocking Cringey Flirty Banter in his text'.
by Shelley and Kim May 28, 2008
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