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When you're dancing with a chick and she's on her period, you look down to see blood on your pants. That's when you reach down into her panties, grab a fistful of blood and slap her across her face.
That bitch freakin' me was on her rag, so I had to serve her up the ole' crimson gauntlet..
by Skipp, Jo & Roob March 18, 2010
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WoW guild, situated on Defias Brotherhood (EU). The lesbo crew managing the guild always makes sure their pussies never run out of sand.

The phrase is consequently used to describe a situation where hell would be a preferred place to be.
"Man, it feels like I'm in the Crimson Gauntlet"
"Tough luck, dude"
by Björn Brunstig October 23, 2006
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A bunch of c*nthooks.
Dude 1: Hey, I got invited to Crimson Gauntlet.
Dude 2: Unlucky,they are c*nthooks.
by CGSUCK November 15, 2006
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