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"You're crazy, but I see where you're coming from, let's do this"
Your friend expresses an idea that is a little outlandish (crazy) and you're willing to tag along for the ride (right on, let's do this).

Friend A:

Hey man lets go streaking through downtown this Saturday night.

Friend B:

Cright On
by Turbo Tuxedo February 10, 2013
A species recognised by a distinctively large chin. Others distinctive characteristics include being one of the worlds best undiscovered players.

Crightons are often found residing around primary schools between the hours of 3-4pm.

Crightons can be identified by a brown substance often found pouring from the mouth whilst speaking.

Often found "chin-wagging" with other Crightons.

The word can also be used to describe someone telling lies, exaggerating or expanding the truth.
Girl 1: Oh this guys so great, he told me he once saved 5 children from a burning orphanage.

Girl 2: No he didn’t, he’s such a Crighton!
by Keep believin' June 17, 2011

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