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Crested Butte is the most sexy of all ski towns. A very awesome place 30 miles N of Gunnison Colorado. Also the home to numerous famous people such as Hiedi Montag, Lantz Shetley, Matt Styers, Coolio (yes hes still around), Angelina Jolie, and Barbara Streisand.
person 1- dude wanna go to crested butte this spring break!?
person 2- naw way man, that place is way to hardcore, we could never handle that.

by yesthathappened December 11, 2008
the chillest of all ski towns. people are often very attractive, like to smoke weed and like to ski.
yo lets go chill in Crested Butte man
by skicbchill June 01, 2011
A ski town in Colorado where the local hippy population opposes opening more skiable terrain. Also have been known to fight against any new development and hates anything that would create jobs. Is also home to some of the most self entitled people on the planet where they all pretend to be earth loving hippies but live in million dollar homes. One of the shittiest places in the world.
Crested Butte A small mountain town with a big hypocritical hippy problem
by fang65215 November 29, 2011
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