word signifying cool awesome tight and others of the such
yo that jacket is crest son naa mean now run that ish biatch
by Mz.Peaches December 23, 2004
Top Definition
a hood in Vallejo, California...
i seen that man in the crest tha otha day
by DiJae January 29, 2005
Country Club Crest Side of Vallejo, Ca. Home of the world renown Andre Hicks aka Mac Dre aka The Furley Ghost himself.
Crest, Crest Side, Country Club, Mark Ave.
Also home of Mac Mall, cutthroat committee..Famous Mark Ave. known for them bopps hood knockin, sideshows, hella crackin throws, niggas goin dumb like tycoons nigga whaaa. Known as your local source for high quality PURP, thizzels sizzels cd's and dvd's, tony yayo, And we got Marine World next door, goin dumb off Medusa with a backwood in my hand.
That is the Crest
by WeTycoonInDa707 September 04, 2008
clean up, straighten out, right what is wrong, Undo mess
My boy Chris needed to crest his situation between his girlfriend and his baby mama.
by kneebaby August 12, 2015
when a man ejeculates on a person without knowing and becomes hard on their clothing and makes it look like a crusty substance.
haha hey romolo i crested on jerrys shirt.
by xRICKx September 26, 2010
To sex someone, harder than usual, but not as hard as possible.
I think we should Crest, Ben.
Hell yeah.
by +♥♥♥+Crest+♥♥♥+ November 08, 2010
You are getting a blowjob and just before you explode, you tell your partner to smile then you unload your cum all over their teeth!
Man she gave me such a great blow job I crested her!
No blow job is complete without crest!!
by Buttsacola July 29, 2010
Code word for a hot girl when you are staying at a campground.

Origin: You are standing outside your tent brushing your teeth and a girl walks by who is so hot that you accidentally squeeze out your tube of toothpaste.
(hot girl walks by)
You elbow your buddy and say,
by Treighz April 18, 2008
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