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The best private, Jesuit school in Nebraska. It is an all male school. In the state of Nebraska, it is simply refferred to as Prep. It excels in sports like football, basketball and soccer. It has appeared in the playoffs of both basketball football and soccer for the past 5 years. It's rivals include: Westside, Millard North HS, and Millard South. It has reported some of the best test scores in the State. Some celebrities from Prep include: Ted DiAbase (WWE wrestler) Zach Potter, NFL tight end, and Alexander Payne, Oscar Winning Screen writer. Their mascot is the Jr. Jay. It is a prep school for the local area college Creighton University.
Guy 1: Dude did you see Westside vs. Prep yesterday?

Guy 2: Who won?

Guy 1: Dude, its prep, they slaughtered westside.

Guy 1: I'm a freshman moving to nebraska, where should I go to school?

Guy 2: Creighton Prep duh!
by Prep=#1 April 10, 2011

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