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An out-of-shape Hispanic volunteer neighborhood watchman who gets all uppity and pulls the trigger before a suspect can beat the living shit out of him. Upon this action, the watchman magically becomes a White racist murderer, and the suspect magically becomes an immaculate 13-year-old angel who can do no wrong. Even if you have no history of being racist, NBC will happily edit audio recordings to make you sound like a racist monster.

Don't think for yourself. Believe everything NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and the Obama administration says, citizen.
That Hispanic watchman should have let that jock asshole punch him in the face 30 more times before he pulled the trigger. What a Creepy Ass Cracka.
#don't #believe #what #msnbc #says
by radium July 13, 2013
George Zimmerman armed while stalking a teenaged kid who was doing nothing and was armed with Skittles and Iced Tea
What does he look like? Some Creepy Ass Cracka
#cracker #vigilante #creepy #wannabe cop #racist
by J4TM June 26, 2013
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