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Ever met a guy who you couldn't quite put your finger on? Someone you weren't quite sure you could trust?
That is a creeperanon, You have no way of ever knowing if he wants to steal your children and eat them, Or if he wants to rip your clothing off, tie you to a telephone pole naked and leave you to rot.

Creeper= A person who cannot be trusted, Constantly starring at little boys wondering what their undies look like.

Anon=The worst form of internet troll. Originating from such places as 4chan, 7chan, or worst....Reddit. Stay clear at all costs.
Burny: So that kid raaage came into vent today and asked me what i was wearing...

Cope: Seriously.... He is such a creeperanon i don't know why sine hasn't ban him from vent yet...

Burny: Yeah i hate that German creeper. I wish he would just shoot himself and get it over with.
by Burnfire July 16, 2011
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