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Pronounced Creeper Stash. It is a thin, finely haired mustache, sported by all manner of sketchy men. It can be used as physical proof that a man is creepy.
Not all men with mustaches are creeps. However, creepy men stereotypically have mustaches like this.
Winnie: "I knew it from the start. I saw his Creeper 'stache, and I turned tail and ran."
Carla: "It's just such a puny, weak tuft of undesirable hair. Who in their right mind would want one?"
by RedFlagRedFlagRedFlag May 07, 2010
A mustache that develops on adolescents who can't grow a full beard, giving the appearance of fuzz; which looks creepy, especially in a light colous.
"Yo, buddy, shave that creeper-stache off, you will never pick up chicks lookin' like that!"
by Stephie-poos December 16, 2006
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