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the look on everyone's face, be it at a party, bar, etc. when that one jackass commits the most atrocious of party fouls by changing the cd player/jukebox/ipod to his favorite song by the aforementioned band. It is not a look of disgust, disapproval, shock, or annoyance, although it does have some resemblance to all of them. it is a unique look that only creed can evoke.
dude 1: I met this chick last night and she was all about getting me in bed. It was awesome

dude 2: That's what drunk you remembers. sober me remembers you hitting on said chick and her responding with creed face.

dude 1: creed face? there's no way i was that bad.

dude 2: she had creed face dude. maybe next time
by treestupid June 06, 2010

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