Someone with very large pectorals and "spartan" abs, making him very attractive, and as some might say, a "Babe-Magnet."
Girl #1 "Dang that boy is fine."

Girl #2 "No, look over there at him! He is such a Crebbin!"

Girl #1 "Yo Crebbin! Whats your number?!?!"
by Winter Evens January 31, 2010
Top Definition
Something or someone that is so amazing, no other word can describe it.
Girlfriend "You look soooo Crebbin tonight."
Boyfriend "Nobody has ever told me that before."
Girlfriend "I love you so much."
by Aladdin Street-Rat January 31, 2010
Leftover crumbs that can range from small to tiny, usually found in the bottom of toasters (the vertical one where you put two slices of bread in the slots...for the smart ones out there) as well as many other places.
Dude, don't break that nug up on that concrete cinderblock, you'll leave crebbins everywhere!
by MBrado March 22, 2011
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