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An event consisting of ten dirty actions during sex to create your very own Helen Keller

1. While having frontal sex quickly pull out.

2. Punch her in the back of the head and while she's on the ground, give her anal.

3. Pee in her butt.

4. Pull a chunck of her hair out, and shove the hair in her mouth

5. Tell her you're sorry, and as she's forgiving you, punch her cooch.

6. Ask her to sit down, and shove your toes in her ear and she sucks your dick.

7. Do a quick switch and put your toes in her mouth, and cum in her ear.

8. She is now deaf. Grab the nearest bottle of hot sauce and rub it in her eyes.

9. She is now deaf and blind. Karate chop her throat until she can't speak.

10. Congratulations! You have just created your own Helen Keller. Finish it off with either Pokeballin her, or giving her a snot rhinocerous.
Josh: Man I just saw The Miracle Worker and Helen Keller really turned me on.

Steve: Well, you can Create your own Helen Keller in 10 easy steps (with a little extra fun).
by ten easy steps November 13, 2009

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