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A gang of total, hardcore, undeniable badassses. There are three lifetime members, no new members are accepted.

They are:
-Creasy Ph Level
-Creasy King Korea
-Creasemaster Julius

No one can deny their extreme power over the female populace. They express their emotions and actions through music, as they are also a band. A kickass band at that.
Man, I wish we could have a friendship like the Crease friendship, I mean like OMG they are soo cool and this one time I saw them they were like walking somewhere I don't know but it doesn't matter cause I saw their cars and they are pimped out but MTV is gonna pimp my ride and add a little fish tank in the bottom next to my PS2 dawg...what was I talking about? Oh yeah, Crease Gang owns, bitches.
by Creasy Ph Level April 07, 2004
A real bunch of bloody wankers. Just a typical wannabe gang who aint got much to show except their pansy color matching and fag-ish naming systems.
The retard who created the gang.
by Bob April 19, 2005
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