A girl who fingers or touches herself infront of people thinking no one knows, but in reality everyone around her knows what she is doing.
Girl 1: OMG when I was sleeping over this girls house she was being a total crawford and touching herself.
Girl 2: Oh my gosh! Ew! Like I would never hang out with a crawford.
#dana #crawford #finger #touch #gross
by buttersman April 13, 2008
The skin at the tip of the penis that is removed after circumcision. It is only called a crawford once it is removed from the penis.
Child: Daddy, What's on the ground?
Dad: It looks like skin...Oh My God its a crawford!
Child: Yuck!
#skin #foreskin #wasted skin #dylan #dallop
by farquaad121314 April 29, 2009
A long over grown pussy hair grown in the 1970s before women began grooming
Marlyn manrow had the biggest known crawford.
#crawford #casey #pussy #1970s #hair
by GWRECK February 13, 2010
A small jewish boy with a large "jewfro". the crawford is seen as an annoying tag along kid who wants to hang with friends outside of school. he would do anything to get other friends even if that means to nark on his current "friends" he isnt very smart and has a terrible taste in movies. he is often easily scared and if he sees a scary movie and your quiet enough you can here the piss trickling down his leg.
i went to see shutter island and when it wa quiet i could only hear piss trickling down that crawfords leg in the front row
#jewfro #annoying #stupid #bad at sports #snitch
by screechintime June 10, 2010
The small hole on the front of the penis, used for males to pee.

penis hole males
Hey man, I just peed out my Crawford! Isn't this amazing?
#penis #holes #males #small #dick
by Drew Bosack June 14, 2007
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