Person who use “brick and mortar” stores to try on clothing, check out fit, and get help from store employees with no intention of buying anything there, and then go online and buy the item cheaper. Particular to Northwest Motorcycle community working at a large software company.
I got my Shoei for $120 less from after i found out that i wear an XL from eastside. i'm such a crapweasel.
by noonan January 06, 2005
Top Definition
Previously unknown person who sneaks in and takes the girl/guy who has recently become available and that you've wanted for years; typically about ten seconds before you're about to make your move.
Who's that crapweasel and why is she making out with him?
by Da Pharaoh September 25, 2008
Used in TV sitcom, Friends, as Ross describes Paolo.
Ross: "Do you know the word crap weasel?"
Paolo ~ Shakes head ~
Ross : "You.., are a crap weasel"
by Milzo May 13, 2006
Any worthless induvidual who tries to steal credit for someone else's work; also someone who tries to pass blame on others.
J.T. erwin is a fucking crap weasel; he got a letter jacket for being towel boy on the basketball team.
by Vivcious Gandhi May 24, 2003
1. One who skillfully cheats, usually a board games.

2. One who challenges novices to games he has mastered, and beats them, showing no mercy.
Why did you make play that game with you?

I knew I'd win.

by supercubedude October 21, 2004
Rant and rave about the power you have but then can't do anything with it. Blames everyone around him for shoertcomings.
Harry Reid, you are such a crapweasel!
by Andy2 November 16, 2007
An expression of displeasure. Something you could substitute for Oh shit!, if there are chitlens present.
Franny: 'Hey Zoey I just found you ipod-guess where it was?'
Zoey: 'Where?'
Franny: 'In the toilet....'
Zoey:'Crap Weasels!'
Chitlen: hahaha aunt Zoey just said crap weasels!
by Incandescent_2 September 04, 2006
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