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1. awesome
2. the shit
3. radical
1. "Dang, Juli! Those brownies you made were crap-nasty!"

2. Boone: "So what did you think about that new club?"
Scout: "Well, I didn't care for the go-go dancers, but the music was freaking crap-nasty!"
by D. Harrison August 25, 2007
9 2

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A cold, wet, soggy, decaying food substance. Usually describing forgotten food left in the back of the refrigerator or pantry.
After finding the crapnasty leftover salad in the back of the refrigerator, I knew where the fruit flies were coming from.

Dude you've got crapnasty pizza in here from two months ago! Clean the fridge!
by Steve1979 December 22, 2007
10 1
act of shitting your pants so bad that it goes everywhere and gets on everything
1) oh shit guys, i just went crap-nasty all over myself
by Big Al March 10, 2005
1 12