1) a lousy good for nothing louse. lazy, will often make a mess and leave for others to clean up such as at home or the workplace

2) an unreliable person who you can only count on to be a real douche bag.
1)That craprod DB left early and now I have to finish the work he didnt do.. again.

2) Dont invite that craprod, he always orders more than he can pay for.
by funkjunkie August 24, 2008
Top Definition
A rod or stick or pole that has been shoved up a womens anus and is now covered in crap.
Wayne: WTF is that smell?
Josh: IDk maybe its that crap rod next to you.
Mambo: my bad dog i thought i put that bad boy back into my closet
by inyofacenowbisch February 03, 2009
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