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When you go to a public toilet and go in a cubicle sometimes filthy animals leave it unflushed.

If you go into three in a row you hit the crapot!

Popular at festivals.

Also can be used to define when a gamble turns out bad.
"I've got got herpes, scabies and crabs.... I really hit the crap-pot!"
by theTosh78 June 05, 2009

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When four or five dudes each take a shit in the toilet without flushing and leave it for the janitor to clean up.
The janitor walked into the bathroom only to discover that someone had left a crap pot for him to clean up.
by Huyer April 26, 2010
It means a shit ton.
Guy 1: Hey dude i got a crap pot of weed.
Guy 2: Man thats fo shizzle mai nizzle.
by kenny G. February 18, 2003
someone who smokes poop
my brother is a crap pot
by evo April 13, 2004