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The term used to define a hardcore member of the fan base of actor Bryan Cranston, known for his roles as Walter White on "Breaking Bad" and Hal on "Malcolm in the Middle." This term is awarded to those fans who fully realize and appreciate the plethora of talent on display any time Bryan Cranston makes an appearance in an entertainment medium.
Cranstonite 1 - "I can't believe that the same guy who was the dad on Malcolm in the Middle just dominated two guys in an SUV and then executed the one guy that was still alive."

Cranstonite 2 - "I'm not really surprised. The range that Cranston has far exceeds that of most actors out there."

Cranstonite 1 - "Right on. Bryan Cranston will next be taking over the world of voice acting as he is voicing James Gordon in the animated film 'Batman: Year One."
by Dev24 July 20, 2011
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