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A Roosevelt is a dime piece (a fine ass ho)...So 2 "crank dat Roosevelt" means 2 tear that dime piece up...For you country folk, that's means 2 have sexual intercourse with an attraictive young lady (that's not related 2 you)!!!
You gonna take her home tonight??? Hell ya, I'm gonna crank dat Roosevelt!!!
by AlvinKiki October 14, 2007
To do an A-level Unit 4 Edexcel Nuffield Chemistry past paper.
Bruv, I decided to crank dat roosevelt. I got 60% aliez.
by chemistry4life January 18, 2009
snorting or cranking crystal Roosevelts.
Watch me as i crank dat roosevelt and get MESSSED UP MAYNE!
by Joe N. October 30, 2007