Un-lubed Ass- banging.
It was romantic at first, until I decided to start cramming.
by Doikstra November 20, 2007
Top Definition
v; To study the day of. Studying during homeroom or the preceding periods of the test.
"Man, I couldn't study last night so I'm cramming today, I gotta pass this one'
by Axl_Reinvented February 19, 2006
The sexual practice of inserting objects into a vagina or anus that are significantly larger than the orifice's typical circumference, causing pleasurable stretching.
Jenny and I were cramming last night. She managed to fit an entire Poland Spring bottle in her vagina.
by titsor September 24, 2011
2 Meanings.

the act of listening to music loudly in the car;


to state the condition in which you are feeling at the moment.
" This song we are cramming to is the shit "

" This party is cramming! "

" Lets go find a place thats cramming "

Party Bumping Jamming
by Skyvodkaaa December 29, 2009
When your in a car on the highway with a group of friends, the driver puts his signal on and lets go of the wheel with his foot on the gas, every person in the car crams to one side of the car to shake it and cause the car to switch lanes.
Lets go cramming". "Ya im in the mood to die tonight
by Dannyp224433 June 12, 2010

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